How to Approach a Modern Girl: 5 Important Tips

Approaching a girl has never been an easy task – and nowadays it’s not either. You may admit that modern girls are very different from females who lived in the previous centuries. However, basics won’t change in the nearest future. Men approach women, women approach men, the dating game begins etc. Yet if you want to get the best of your communication with young women, you need to acknowledge some facts about them. It might as well be an eye-opening experience for some stubborn men. Here are the important tips to approaching girls in the 21st century:

  1. Meeting people in public is not all that popular nowadays. Don’t get it wrong – no one deprives you of your right to approach girls in shops or elsewhere. But remember that it may not be effective at all. Meeting people online is much simple now, which also means that people see real-life acquaintances as nerve-wracking situations. Sounds like a problem, and it is. But we are here not to judge. What we want to say is – you now can go both ways (online on pina dating site and offline) and don’t be ashamed to get the best of both concepts.
  2. If you still want to know how to approach a girl in public, you should better not overdo it. Forget about pickup lines and creative approaches. Your plain “hey” in real life can work much better than a complex approach, which is indeed nice. For example, if you want to ask out a young Filipina girl, you can do it the moment you feel the sparks igniting between you two – whether it’s your first conversation or third.  Be yourself (well, your best self, for sure).
  3. Do it with confidence. And by “confidence” we mean that you act like you know what you want. Your decision-making ability may help you stand out from other guys. At a younger age, men are often quite useless in terms of living their lives, often preferring to go with the flow. Put your shyness and awkwardness away, come up to her and introduce yourself. Simple as that. It’s by far the best way to approach a girl.
  4. Coming on too strong is not a good idea. Every girl in the world heard various stories about maniacs and overly dramatic guys who act all over the place. These men are, unfortunately, not rare. And they are to be blamed for ruining other men’s reputation, making their nice and thoughtful attempts to get along look like something much worse. From scratch, make her believe that your intents are 100% innocent. Modern females might seem like they are not afraid of facing whatever life brings along, but it’s not always the case.
  5. Don’t wait for the right moment. Often, you only have one chance to hit on her – and it’s here and now. Making a big deal of every girl you meet won’t help you win any of them. Likewise, you need to combine casualty and exclusiveness in the right amounts in your approach. It means that you should talk to her as if it meant nothing to you but yet letting her understand that you chose her for a good reason. Women love to be singled out among others because there’s always a silent cold war between women (even if they are best friends – it’s just their biological nature).

Overall, we can say that your approach strongly depends on the type of girl you are going to pick up and additional circumstances. But your confidence and individuality should always be with you. Otherwise, why would a young attractive woman prefer you to others?

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Aek Sander