Who are we?

Here is a list of our contributors.

Robson Hayashida has over two decades of experience in the computer industry in product development, support, training, and e-marketing. Mr. Hayashida has been working on writing ColdFusion Web Application series, as well as multiple books on SQL, Regular Expressions, Java Server Pages, WAP, Windows development, and has recently being involved in multiple Meteor / MongoDB and Node.JS projects and more.

Robson Hayashida is the currently the director of Magario International, and the owner of the site FutureHandling.com.


Daniel Otero is a New Yorker who has been living in China for the past seven years. Former member of the military with extensive travel and living experiences throughout different countries.
Lover of life, good food, travel, writing and dealing with social issues.

Todd Katsuyama has over 10+ years of Business development experience with an analytical background in portfolio management, research analysis, investment risk management and project evaluation.  He established key business networks and conducted market research to create new localized business projects.  Todd has held several positions in firms based in Canada, Japan and Hong Kong. Todd is a results-focused and effectual leader with a proven ability to maintain and grow established accounts, negotiate contracts and lead marketing strategies.  He managed accounts and consolidated investments of $28M realized assets and acted advising with financial and export related documents for clients.

In 2007, Todd co-developed with Robson both national and regional trade show strategies, managed and implemented key marketing elements to support the diverse fields of the business including real estate, banking, oil/gas, forestry, natural gas, entertainment, and air transport. Recently, Todd is working with the natural resource industries based in Canada to explore new investment opportunities.

Rebecca Magario is a graduate student at the University of Kansas where she is a graduate teaching assistant. She is pursuing a Master of Arts in Interaction Design. Her passion for people, languages and cultures led her to embrace design. She is interested in Design Thinking applied to Higher Ed and other fields; collaborative work; social media; usability; Activity Theory; Design Research and Ergonomic.

Rebecca also had worked as a communicator, serving as a liaison between corporate and field for a large corporation for 5 years. On her spare time she likes working on pottery, cooking, traveling, taking pictures and enjoying her friends and family.

Phil Inje Chang has a wide-ranging career in high tech, telecommunications, and mobile technology includes a start-up where he defined and led the development of a suite of energy trading decision support applications. The products included one the first SaaS applications ever developed. He did this with no prior background in the energy industry, just as he helped create an e-commerce platform at AT&T with no prior background in e-commerce.

This start-up, called e-Acumen, was successful at the time of the dotcom bust, and Phil handed the reins to another CEO. In the UK, he mentored start-ups and joined a mobile software company that sent him to Japan to help deploy a new mobile web browser on a Docomo phone.

Recently, Phil was formulating product strategy in the most developed digital media market in the world.