What is FutureHandling.com?

FutureHandling.com is a non-profit website that brings to you the best news on business, IT, gadgets, lifestyle, politics, comedy, and culture from Hong Kong, South China, and around the globe. Our main source of information is a social networking and offline events in Hong Kong. Most of our contributors are overseas-raised Hong Kongers and ex-pats residing in Hong Kong.

Since we specialize in social media, our main sources of information are HK communities and groups or events on Facebook as well as Meetup.com, AsiaXPat, Geoexpat, Uwants, and Discuss.

How did you get there?

Everything started when part of our team becoming interested in social networking offline events and news media in HK. As the number of meetings and parties has increased, most of us felt the need for a site that would spread the word of the people to attend such events.

There are a lot of people with vibrant ideas and plans. Moreover, we believe that social media is the key to understand consumer behavior here in HK.


What motivates you guys?

We get motivated when we walk on the streets of HK and people talk to us and tell us that they have been reading the site. For us, it is a great pleasure to have our work being recognized by our audience.

What kind of computer infrastructure do you use?

We run our servers in Japan and Hong Kong. Our computers run on OS X and Linux (both Ubuntu and CentOS).