Facebook Home App Arrives In Hong Kong

Today Facebook’s Home App has arrived in Hong Kong. After being realised to the US and around the world earlier this week.  The company will release its Facebook Home mobile application software — the all-inclusive Facebook-ification of your Android device , pushing harder toward building its international user base by invading the fastest-growing computing devices across the world today – Smartphones.

This app allows users to have a conversation with friends even when they’re doing other things on Facebook, like checking a news feed or looking at photos. Unlike the Android version, it sounds like “Chat Heads” can’t follow users outside the Facebook ecosystem—on phones with Google’s Android, you can bring “Chat Head” messages into other apps, like Fandango. There is also another new feature—Facebook users can now paste “stickers” in their private messages with friends.

However, it’s unclear how and whether Facebook be able to offer the full Home experience for Apple. The reason why Home is only fully available on Android and not on Apple comes down to the fact that Android is fully open source.

Time to watch the Facebook Home downloads flow — or not.

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