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Exclusive: Russian MacBook Air Spotted at CoCoon, Hong Kong

One good thing of working at a shared co-working space like CoCoon is that you can get to know people who various cultures and backgrounds.

This morning, Koji and I met with Boris Sabotovich, the director of FirstBit, a business automation solutions company.

Boris was having a problem trying to setup a shared printer on his MacBook Air and he asked me for help. My first reaction was “Boris, just stay next to me. I will do it in a second!”. But as soon as I looked at his computer screen, everything was written in Russian! What most surprised me was the keyboard. It is written in Russian and English (roman letters) as well. It is interesting that some letters like “A” and “B” are located in more than one place.

This is the first time I see a Russian computer in my life and I don’t think there are many of these here in Hong Kong, so enjoy the picture!

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