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EXCLUSIVE: “Real Deals” Gives an Answer to Online Real Estate Searches in Hong Kong

In an exclusive demo section during CoCoon’s coffee break today, “Real Deals” founders explained the website that has just been launched.

Have you ever looked for renting/buying an apartment or house in Hong Kong? If you answered yes, Real Deals is what you are looking for.

The website “” was just launched today and it gives an answer to the tough task of searching for a property.

Have you wondered if there are any other good apartments at the location you are about to rent? What if they don’t have other apartments at the real estate agency you are visiting, but they do have other good deals at other real estate agencies? In this case, you will only know if you visit other agencies, which will probably take you a lot of time and effort.

Real Deals gives you a solution to this problem because it shows on a map all the available properties, regardless of which agency they belong to. In a question of seconds, you can visualize what you are looking for and moreover, you have a better idea of distance and location, since everything is plotted on the map.


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