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Microsoft Creates its Own Social Network to Compete with Facebook

Today, Microsoft has opened its social network site to the public. It was fist released last year (2011) but at the time it was only available for students.

The announcement comes with an interface redesign that includes improved presentation of posts, a more refined interest gallery that should make it easier for you to socialize with like-minded people, more ways to find and follow people, and the ability to create a playlist and watch videos with others in Socl.

Microsoft has described Socl as “an experimental research project focused on exploring the possibilities of social search for the purpose of learning.” Users find and share interesting web pages with their networks as well as sharing ‘rich posts’ with montages of content.

So, how does it work? Searches are conducted through, which is powered by Bing, and results can then be arranged into collages and shared with other Socl users. Explaining the product and its applications in a learning environment, Microsoft last year explained that as students work together, they often search for the same items and discover shared interests by sharing links.

I have created an account at Socl and in my opinion it looks something like Pinterest with some Google+ elements. I would say it is a mix of Pinterest and Google+.

I believe most Hong Kongers still don’t know about Socl and it will be interesting to watch how this site will develop its popularity here in the SAR.

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