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Chinese women between 29 and 45 years younger

Written by Daniel Otero

Daniel, Im over the hill!


By: Daniel Otero



This one is dedicated to women in their late 20s to their mid-40s.  Dont forget youre at your best age and the most beautiful flowers in the garden.


Amy Chua, the quintessential tiger mother and classic beauty

Sometime ago, I was giving a class.  Usually, I deal with the immaturity of students in their late teens to early adulthood.


But this was one class I was giving to students in the private sector.  You know, the 20-something professionals out of University and beyond.


That particular night, call it a ‘talk bar’, there were a group of mothers.  The type in their early 30s and already with children.

But not only mothers, but Chinese mothers to say the least!  Oh God!  They were giggly and gossiping about the different stages I was teaching.  Just like school girls in their teens.  I didn’t mind that, it was cute!

Image from (young lady, Muyuan, Jiangxi)

Because this particular English class dealt with the definitions of infant, child, teenager, young adult, middle age and elderly.  Furthermore, their age brackets!


When we were talking about growing old and the pains or aches once you reach past your 40s and going into your 50s; which is my case and the tipping point in time.


I then addressed this gorgeous-Asian flower, “Young lady, what do you think about your age bracket?”


First, she says getting all red with embarrassment and stuttering, “No, no, I’m not young!” then she says in sweet ‘defiance’, “In China once you’re 30 and with children, they start calling you ‘auntie’ and some people, especially men and the older generation consider you old!”


My New York temper started flaring-up and I got visibly annoyed, “You got to be joking, right? You’re a beautiful-young woman!”


Sorry guys, I was never that good at hiding my true feelings!


Suddenly the class became like a ‘hen house’, it exploded with comments about society’s norms on what was young and old, what was beautiful or not!


But I have to say now laughingly, that I did try to impose my ‘will’ on the ladies gathered.  When I ‘fought’ back their stubborn attitudes, “Ladies, ladies, you are young and beautiful!  You are at the best stage in your life, please enjoy it!”


Another young mother was rebellious, “But what can you do about a society that considers you ‘old’ and ‘over the hill’?”


“First, come with me” and I thought in my Socratic method, how can I change this? To no avail, if they wouldn’t believe me, I’d have to show them!


Therefore, from the class, I took them all outside to a crowded intersection in Nanjing! Then, I started yelling in English and Chinese at the pedestrians like a lunatic, “Ladies and Gentlemen, please approach these ‘hopeless’ women”, I said laughingly, “and let them know if they are still young and beautiful!”


That was when, to their embarrassment, male and female began approaching and complimenting their looks and youth!  About 30 people did approach them…  One of the women received a flower from a young man.


Another got an impromptu ‘marriage proposal’; which she waved off all red-faced in English and Chinese, but enjoying the experience, “Thanks, but I’m already married!”


To say the least, it was a magical moment…


With that said, the late 20s to early 40-something is the best age for women.  Like good wine, they age well!  They exude confidence, best period for motherhood and to enjoy their sexuality with their husbands.  There’s nothing wrong feeling young at heart and society changing its stupid notions!

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Daniel Otero

A New Yorker who has been living in China for the past 10 years. He's a freelance writer/journalist and ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher.

A former member of the military with extensive travel to 50 countries and has lived in six.

Lover of life, good food, travel, writing and dealing with social issues.