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The first sex: basic tips

Written by Aek Sander

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I’ve gone into particulars on the different stuff every man needs to be aware of before having sex for the first time and also about the things each of us has to do to ensure it’s totally pain-free for a girl and a memorable experience for both partners.

Even the most experienced guys commit rookie mistakes when they have an intercourse for the first time with a new woman. And she is always taking notes in her mind. First time having sex gives her a feeling of your generosity and how much you care about her. Nearly 2/3 of all the women we interviewed claim they find a first-time intercourse an indicator of a relationship’s future potential.

When you are about to have sex for the first time ever, the passion may be overwhelming, nevertheless it is not complicated to let anxiety take over both of you. Even the least of worries can appear scarier when it’s a first experience. So before you fall on a bed and make love, here are a few things that can definitely help eliminate the fears and improve the pleasure! Here’s how to take the most of your first time together.


# 1 Make it in time

The biggest part of women stated they usually wait eight+ dates before having sex with a man. She will drop some petty hints as soon as she’s ready to spend a night in your bed. Your green light is when she creates a total privacy for only the two of you. Maybe she has invited you over for dinner and emphasized that her roommates are away? You already know what to expect, don’t you?


#2 Lips first

Tons of kisses prove her that you’re not simply there for sex. Only 1 out of 7 women would agree sleeping with you without having a makeout first. And 2/3 of ladies have concluded a relationship based on the first kiss, mainly because a guy was a sloppy kisser. Trace her lips with your tongue and soft kiss with gentle sucking on her lips.

#3 Run down slowly

Spend at least 10 minutes caressing and kissing her before moving lower. Most women take about 8 minutes to become stimulated enough before they want additional clitoral stimulation. Guide your hand down along the outside of her hips, slowly making your way between her legs.


#4 The main part

In our survey, the majority of women admitted 10 to 20 minutes of sexual intercourse is all they desire. Keep your Kama Sutra in the locker – 66 percent want to keep the positioning pretty tame firstly. Have her laid back with her knees a bit bent and place pillows under her hips, body and head respectively. That will allow you to kneel between her legs and enter her as you stroke her clitoris with your fingers.


#5 Don’t forget to breathe

The major part of enjoying sex is focusing on the sensations you’re feeling instead of, for example, your nervousness (which is totally common to feel your first time, even if you know you’re ready to have sex). “Deep breathing is a fantastic way to let go of distracting thoughts,” Marin points out. As you’re taking those deep breaths, focus on how different parts of your body are feeling and how your partner’s body feels against yours — not just the obvious part (penis in vagina) but their fingers in your hair, hands on your hips, whatever it is.


#6 Let the lube help you

Using lube may provide quite an assistance in case if you’re not turned on enough, but even if you are and your bodies are saying “Right, let’s do this!” a small amount can make an intercourse a lot more enjoyable. Another benefit of using a water-based lube along with a condom (avoid oil-based one, which might dissolve latex) is less friction means the condom is less likely to burst out inside.


#7 Care about your partner’s pleasure

It’s absolutely okay to worry that you won’t be as good as you’d like in bed the first time. All women with no exception ask questions like “Does sex hurt the first time?”. So, you have to ask your girl if she’s having a real pleasure while making love to her. Whisper some gentle words in her ears. Yet, keep it cool if she asks to slow down. It is important to make sure you don’t give her pain.


#8 End the “game” correctly

Your after-sex plan should convince her that she’s not just a one-night stand for you. Start with the obvious – cuddling up. 56% of women need about 20 minutes of closeness right after. It won’ take much. Just taking her hand or laying your arm over her stomach is way enough. And don’t forget the follow-up: 59% wait for a phone call the next day, not an ordinary e-mail or text message. Give her a quick buzz after work, you won’t look overeager, but she will still feel wanted.

Appreciate the time spent together. We hope this article has answered your questions of how to have sex for the first time. Good luck!


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