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MTR Adds More Trains in Hong Kong

MTR Corp said it will add more than 500 trips for each of the Tung Chung, Kwun Tong and Tsuen Wan lines starting November 24.

This marks the thrid boost within this year.

MTR has added around 62,000 train trips this year, bringing the passenger capacity up by 150 million passengers.

The head of MTR’s Operating, Francis Li, said the higher frequency should not add undue pressure to maintenance. But he called for understanding from passengers, saying there are bound to be some small problems with the rail system.

On the other hand, there was a demonstration this morning. The Labour Party is calling for the MTRC’s Fare Adjustment Mechanism to be scrapped, saying it has failed to take the interests of the public into account. About 10 people from the party demonstrated outside government headquarters, urging the administration to consider the MTR’s operational efficiency when fares are adjusted. The party’s Tam Chun-yin says future fare increases should also be subject to Legislative Council approval.

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