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26 nations to travel which changed my life.

Written by Daniel Otero

26 countries to select, travel & choose from

By: Daniel Otero (Opinion Editorial, this is one of a two-part series)




When I embarked and reviewed the portions of my life, I had to conclude this has been a great existence. It had been at times painful, nonetheless a hell of a ride. One which wasn’t supposed to happen and by a miracle it did. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and it was under quite impoverished circumstances. Did you know, once I tasted travel back in 1987, my life changed forever. I became addicted to something that in truth would broaden my mind and I would travel to most of the continents except for Antarctica. Proud of this special feat, and as we get out of the pandemic and little by little begin to travel again, I would like to recommend 26 countries that will make you want to wanderlust. Possibly, these countries will change your life. They did so for me, and they could do the same for you. Therefore, after this crisis we can learn to live again. That is my sincerest hope for the future. Here they are described one by one and the cities I greatly enjoyed, or they were recommended to me. After all, my luck took me across six continents and 50 different countries in a span of 30-years. It was on those travels that I read frequently my favorite writer, Mark Twain and learned so much from him and how to combat prejudice through travel. Call it luck or blessing, this po’ kid from the streets made a name for himself and what started with little education, became my everyday passion to learn. Some might say, especially those who know me, “Here he goes again with the ‘chip on his shoulders’ about his background!” and sigh in frustration. But it is true, and it is one I am very proud of.


当我开始回顾我生命中的部分时,我不得不得出结论,这是一个伟大的存在。 它有时是痛苦的,尽管如此,一个地狱的旅程。 一个不应该发生的事情,奇迹发生了。 我在纽约布鲁克林长大,那里的环境相当贫困。 你知道吗,一旦我在1987年品尝了旅行,我的生活就永远改变了。 我沉迷于一些事实上会开阔我的思想的东西,我会去除南极洲以外的大部分大陆旅行。 为这一特殊的壮举感到自豪,当我们摆脱大流行并一点一点地开始再次旅行时,我想推荐26个国家,这些国家会让你想要旅行。 可能,这些国家将改变你的生活。 们这样做是为了我,他们也可以为你做同样的事情。 因此,在这场危机之后,我们可以学会再次生活。 这是我对未来最真诚的希望。 这里,他们逐一描述和我非常喜欢的城市,或者他们被推荐给我。 毕竟,我的运气让我在30年的时间里跨越了六大洲和50个不同的国家。 正是在那些旅行中,我经常阅读我最喜欢的作家马克吐温,并从他那里学到了很多东西,以及如何通过旅行打击偏见。 称它为幸运或祝福,这个来自街头的po’孩子为自己成名,从很少的教育开始,成为我每天学习的热情。 有些人可能会说,特别是那些认识我的人,这里,他再次与芯片在他的肩膀上关于他的背景!并沮丧地叹了口气。 这是真的,这是我非常自豪的。

I fell in love with learning and travel. Here are the 26 nations which conquered my life and are still with me in my heart until this present-day, with this I tell you to never give up and go forth and travel.


Paris is the best

City with its issues, the anti-Americanism and people refusing to speak any other language other than that of their country. And it’s all fair, but for all of Paris tourists’ traps, arrogance, and difficulties, it is still one of the most beautiful cities on earth. Recommended as the best gastronomy and called by all, “The City of Lights”. Every time I am in Paris, I am automatically on my way to the Eiffel Tower and Louvre. It is the place to be and be seen.


城市与它的问题,反美主义和人民拒绝说任何其他语言以外的国家。 这一切都是公平的,但对于所有巴黎游客的陷阱,傲慢和困难,它仍然是地球上最美丽的城市之一 被推荐为最好的美食,被所有人称为光之城 每次我在巴黎,我都会自动前往艾菲尔铁塔和卢浮宫。 这是一个可以被看到的地方。

Rome & Venice are in my heart

Rome is pure oxygen, full of desire. One the places I love to always visit for its ancientness. My favorite three spots are the Trevi Fountain, the ancient Coliseum and to go/visit the Spanish Steps to sit and enjoy a gelato.

My next favorite is Venice, the literal “Floating City”. This city for Carnival is grand and let me tell you, it’s a history which dates back 6,000 years and did you know, the people are just sexy!

One thing makes Italy so great is the food and beautiful women like Sophia Loren, welcoming indeed.


罗马是纯净的氧气,充满了欲望。 一个我喜欢的地方总是参观它的古老。 我最喜欢的三个景点是许愿池,古老的体育馆和去/观西班牙台阶坐下来享受冰淇淋。

我的下一个最爱是威尼斯,字面上的动城市 这个城市的狂欢节是盛大的,让我告诉你,这是一个历史可以追溯到6000年前,你知道吗,人民只是性感!


Barcelona, Spain (the glories of my ancestry and paella)

How can I forget this city, even better than the capital, Madrid! Barcelona gave me the best walk nights through the gorgeous Rampla, views of the architecture of Salvador Dali. Barcelona gives the visitor for chocolate Casa Batlo (recognized as the 10th best chocolate in the world) and then, by the end of the tour, the amazing Sacred Family Cathedral—which took over 100 years to build. When in Spain, of course, try the Mediterranean diet of paella (very nutritious) and enjoy fully what is to work hard and play hard!


我怎么能忘记这个城市,甚至比首都马德里更好! 巴塞罗那给了我最好的步行之夜,通过华丽的Rampla萨尔瓦多达利的建筑景观。 巴塞罗那为游客提供了巧克力卡萨巴特洛(被公认为世界上最好的巧克力第十名),然后在参观结束时,这座神奇的神圣家庭大教堂花了100多年的时间才建成。 当在西班牙,当然,尝试海鲜饭的地中海饮食(非常有营养),充分享受什么是努力工作和努力玩耍!

New York City, my hometown(我爱恨恨爱的城市)

One of the most beautiful cities in the world. New York is home to the Empire State Building. Home of the best restaurants in the world. The city has one of the oldest metro systems, spanning for over 100 years. New York holds to me promise, with its immigrant communities and wonderful food, from cheesecake to pizza. It’s my “Big Apple” and “The city that never sleeps!”


世界上最美丽的城市之一。 纽约是帝国大厦的所在地。 世界上最好的餐馆的家。 这座城市拥有最古老的地铁系统之一,跨越了100多年。 纽约拥有移民社区和美味的食物,从芝士蛋糕到比萨饼,我对此承诺。 这是我的大苹果不夜城!

United Kingdom, a second home

The way to compare U.K. to me, it is once landing in Heathrow Airport, it is like reaching a second home. From south to north, the U.K. of my youth was unique to me. My love for it didn’t only start in London and with its Underground. It went from Piccadilly outward (Lyman Theatre). Reaching places in Brighton, with its fish & chips were just impressive to me on the seaside or Stratford-Upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare. My adventures didn’t end there, I went further into Bath and York. It wasn’t enough because I had to enjoy Wales with its magical coastline. Then, it was up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and its highlands. There was more to see in North Ireland at the “Giant’s Causeway” and I tasted for the first time a Jamieson Whiskey. That is why, Great Britain always feels natural and a like a home away from home.


较英国和我的方式,它曾经降落在希思罗机场,它正在到达第二个家。 从南到北,我年轻时的英国对我来说是独一无二的。 对它的热爱不仅始于伦敦,也始于地下。 它从皮卡迪利广场(莱曼剧院)去了。 到达布莱顿的地方,带着炸鱼和薯条,在海边或莎士比亚的出生地埃文河畔斯特拉特福给我留下了深刻的印象。 我的冒险并没有就此结束,我进一步进入巴斯和约克。 这还不够,因为我不得不享受威尔士神奇的海岸线。 然后,它在爱丁堡,苏格兰和它的高地。 在北爱尔兰的巨人堤道还有更多值得一看的地方,我第一次品尝了杰米森威士忌。 这就是为什么,英总是感觉很自然,就像一个远离家乡的家。

Cairo, Egypt

If it’s Cairo, Egypt, then it must be the Cairo Museum and Giza for the magical experience of the pyramids and greatest Sphinx I have ever seen in my life. I still long for a return.


如果它是埃及开罗,那么它必须是开罗博物馆和吉萨,因为我一生中见过的金字塔和最伟大的狮身人面像的神奇体验。 我仍然渴望回归。

Istanbul & Cappadocia, Turkey (Turkiye, merhaba (hello) forever, baby!)

Love the city from top to bottom in every-way. The Hagia Sophia was impressive, and I was even more captivated with the Blue Mosque. The experience with the 400-year-old Turkish baths was just supreme. What makes Istanbul so interesting is the city, it’s at the crossroads in history; between East (Middle East) and West. Yes, 95% of Istanbul is in the Middle East, while the other 5% is in Europe. A way to document a beautiful experience is crossing the Galata Bridge, one side is Asia, and another is Europe.

What was even more captivating was outside of Istanbul, it was the minarets, manmade caves at Cappadocia and it got better with a balloon ride (“The icing on the cake.”) before the departure back to Istanbul. Another topic which must be discussed is the food and tea, just underrated and it is something full of excellence. When in Turkey, sit down to eat a tasty lamb and eat a wonderful baklava. Furthermore, take home a silk carpet as a delightful remembrance, unique indeed.


从上到下爱这个城市。 圣索非亚大教堂令人印象深刻,我更被蓝色清真寺迷住了。 拥有400历史的土耳其浴室的体验是至高无上的。 是什么让伊斯坦布尔如此有趣的是城市,它在历史上的十字路口;东(中东)和西方之间。 是的,伊斯坦布尔的95%在中东,而其他5%在欧洲。 记录美好体验的一种方法是穿过加拉塔大桥,一边是亚洲,另一边是欧洲。

更吸引人的是伊斯坦布尔以外的地方,那是卡帕多西亚的尖塔和人造洞穴,乘坐气球会变得更好(锦上添花)。)出发回伊斯坦布尔之前。 另一个必须讨论的话题是食物和茶,只是被低估了,它是一个充满卓越的东西。 在土耳其时,坐下来吃美味的羊肉,吃一个美妙的果仁蜜饼。 此外,带回家丝绸地毯作为一个愉快的纪念,确实是独一无二的。

Mexico City, Puebla and Yucatan, Mexico

Beyond Spain, Mexico has one of the best old-world-architecture in the New World. Places like El Zacalo (Mexico City’s center) were impressive. But it didn’t end there, outside of Mexico City, Puebla could be colorful and architectonic. Outside of Egypt, the other gorgeous pyramids are in Yucatan. Worth seeing what was left behind from the Aztec Empire. One that note, it is important to consider eating one of the best cuisines on earth. Mexican food is the third most influential and enjoyed foods worldwide. It is the birthplace of chocolate, therefore, it’s important to taste a deliciously made “mole” (the famous chocolate made sauce).


除了西班牙,墨西哥拥有新世界最好的旧世界建筑之一。 El Zacalo(墨西哥城市中心)这样的地方令人印象深刻。 但它并没有就此结束,在墨西哥城之外,普埃布拉可能是丰富多彩的建筑。 在埃及之外,其他华丽的金字塔都在尤卡坦。 值得一看阿兹特克帝国留下的东西。 值得注意的是,重要的是要考虑吃地球上最好的美食之一。 墨西哥食品是全球第三大最具影响力和最受欢迎的食品。 它是巧克力的诞生地,因此,品尝美味的鼹鼠(着名的巧克力酱)是很重要的。

Kruger Park, South Africa

What is Europe for Cathedrals, it is Africa for the safari, nature, and beauty of its animals. Where is the “Garden of Eden”? In my opinion it is in South Africa. One of the most beautiful parks in the African Continent is in Kruger Park. However, I wouldn’t only limit myself on a visit to Kruger Park, but Port Elizabeth and later see the penguins along Capetown, etc.


什么是欧洲的大教堂,它是非洲的野生动物园,自然和美丽的动物。伊甸园在哪里? 在我看来,这是在南非。 鲁格公园是非洲大陆最美丽的公园之一。 然而,我不仅会限制自己去克鲁格公园,还会去伊丽莎白港,后来还会看到开普敦的企鹅等等。

St. George, Ethiopia

Other than visiting Ethiopia for being the birthplace of coffee, it is important to recognize the beauty in Ethiopian history. That is why, once there it’s important to visit Lalibela to see the Church of St. George. Built into the ground during the end of the 12th Century and beginning of the 13th, it is Ethiopia’s symbolic and one its magnificent-religious centers.


除了访问埃塞俄比亚是咖啡的发源地,重要的是要认识到埃塞俄比亚历史上的美丽。 这就是为什么,一旦到达那里,参观拉利贝拉参观圣乔治教堂是很重要的。 它建于12纪末和13纪初的地下,是埃塞俄比亚的象征,也是其宏伟的宗教中心之一。

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russia

What a sight! To locate oneself in the former center of the Red Square. Here is the Kremlin Fortress Walls. Another treat is St. Basil, with its colorful minarets. Absolutely outstanding! Moscow doesn’t end there. It is a city full of surprises. While visiting, it is important to take in the metro-service experience and make a couple of stops. Some of the stations look like there from inside a palace: with classical statues, marble walls and exalting chandeliers.

Saint Peterburg is just a city of palaces. It was the former capital to the Czars of Russia and these structures are just gorgeous to admire, take in and notice the lovely-soft pastel colors. Enjoy a night at the opera for ballet and have a nice-tomato soap, Goulash. The best in the whole of Europe. May I remind you Russia is the biggest country on earth, it is divided between Asia and Europe. And I have never seen such beautiful people, exotic in their looks, especially the females. Therefore, it is a country that it is a must on the list.


多美的景象啊! 把自己定位在红场的前中心。 这里是克里姆林宫的城墙。 另一种享受是圣罗勒,其丰富多彩的尖塔。 绝对出色! 莫斯科并不止于此。 这是一个充满惊喜的城市。 在参观时,重要的是要采取地铁服务的经验,使一对夫妇站。 有些车站看起来就像是在宫殿里:有古典雕像、大理石墙壁和高耸的枝形吊灯。

圣彼得堡只是一个宫殿的城市。 它曾是俄罗斯沙皇的首都,这些建筑非常华丽,可以欣赏,欣赏并注意到可爱柔和的柔和色彩。 享受一个晚上的芭蕾舞歌剧,并有一个很好的番茄肥皂,炖牛肉。 全欧洲最好的。 我想提醒你,俄罗斯是地球上最大的国家,它被划分为亚洲和欧洲。 我从来没有见过如此美丽的人,他们的外表充满异国情调,特别是女性。 因此,它是一个必须列入名单的国家。

Buenos Aires, Argentina (the land of tango)

What a country of sexy people indeed. The best part of Argentina are the barbecues and wines. But there is more to this country than meets the eye. Buenos Aires is the city of Carlos Gardel and the land of tango. It is a metropolis to stumble into any café, dancehall or milonga for a drink and a tango. You can feel the rapture of the body through this dance. Tango has been around for 170 years and gives no signs of waning. What I call Buenos Aires? The Paris of South America… With the 9th of July Avenue as the focal point to see its obelisk and its 16 car-lane. Argentinean people capture the heart and who wouldn’t want to return to Buenos Aires over and over, one of the most romantic cities in the world. It’s good to stumble along Barrio La Boca for open tango shows and later enjoy a show at the Colon Theater, it can seat 3,000 people. Therefore, what are you waiting for?


真是一个性感的国家。 阿根廷最好的部分是烧烤和葡萄酒。 这个国家还有比表面上看到的更多的东西。 布宜诺斯艾利斯是卡洛斯加德尔的城市和探戈的土地。 这是一个大都市,可以跌跌撞撞地进入任何咖啡馆,舞厅或米隆加喝一杯和探戈。 你可以通过这个舞蹈感受到身体的狂喜。 探戈已经存在了170年,没有减弱的迹象。 我叫什么布宜诺斯艾利斯?……79日大道为焦点,可以看到它的方尖碑和16车道。 阿根廷人抓住了人们的心,谁也不想一遍又一遍地回到布宜诺斯艾利斯,这是世界上最浪漫的城市之一。沿着Barrio La Boca绊倒开放探戈表演,然后在Colon剧院欣赏一场表演,它可以容纳3,000人。 因此,你还在等什么?

Prague, Czech Republic

Another one of the most romantic cities on earth is Prague, after Paris and Buenos Aires, one of the most colorful places to enjoy a tour on your own. This city is the place that I remember quite fondly. If memory serves me correctly, it had hardy beers and tasty breads to go with during a nice lunch or dinner. City of poets and one with the fame educator, Havel Vaclav. Wencelas Bridge and Center is the beat of the city, one of old-fashioned clocks and it’s a medieval city that pulls in magically the visitor. What’s more impressive about this city is the following, it has the largest castle in the world!


另一个地球上最浪漫的城市是布拉格,巴黎和布宜诺斯艾利斯之后,最丰富多彩的地方之一,享受自己的旅游。 这个城市是我记忆犹新的地方。 如果记忆正确的话,它有耐寒的啤酒和美味的面包在一个不错的午餐或晚餐。 诗人之城和着名教育家哈维尔*瓦茨拉夫。 温塞拉斯桥和中心是城市的节拍,老式时钟之一,它是一个中世纪城市,神奇地吸引游客。这个城市更令人印象深刻的是以下,它有世界上最大的城!

I shall conclude with this special two-part series very soon. If you enjoyed, please come back for more.


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Daniel Otero

A New Yorker who has been living in China for the past 10 years. He's a freelance writer/journalist and ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher.

A former member of the military with extensive travel to 50 countries and has lived in six.

Lover of life, good food, travel, writing and dealing with social issues.

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