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Dangers of cult leaders, cults & terrorists

Written by Daniel Otero

Cult leaders hold their dark charisma

By: Daniel Otero

Cult leaders are usually low characters.  They are the worst parts of a Shakespearean drama.  But this is real life.  Those who hold the attention and faith of several dozens to millions in their hands.  The charlatans organizing these groups are sometimes petty criminals or former who know how to influence.  These personalities hold such manipulative power over others.  And the followers are in their majority: lost souls, looking for a place, something or somewhere to belong in the world.

A cult leader holds a magnetic attraction over others.  They literally ‘hypnotized’ those who are too weak to resist.  The leader takes advantage and knows how to influence others with words.

A person with any self-worth would never put themselves in this position. The people who join ‘a family’ or ‘cult’ activities are those easily inspired, gullible and with low-self-esteem.  The traits are typical for those joining: down and out, adults living with parents, probably unemployed, ending a relationship and without significant other.  Some of the people easily influenced into a cult are personalities with mental-health disorders.  The people joining these groups are unstable and quite possibly have never had any type of psychological or psychiatric care. Individuals in their majority coming from abusive-broken homes.  A good portion are addicts or have a history of being in-trouble with law.  Human beings ‘emotionally starved for love’.

The leaders of these organizations have all the brilliant words and speeches to convince anybody who doesn’t know any better.  Their words are as good as any Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King, Jr. or FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) speech. Except that the cult leaders inspire in a negative way for others to do wrong on their behalf, by killing and destroying countless lives in their wake.

That’s the behaviour of a cult leader?

A cult leader does little work, and the followers put in all the hard labour. He or she is the typical narcissist, sociopath, controlling and with talk of grandiosity.  A cultist continues to control and they ask everything from everybody.  The cult leader is a pathological liar.  They will take their followers ‘souls’ and control their families’ finances.  The leader doesn’t only enslave the followers minds, but keeps them as slaves for his or her purposes.  Isolating the followers away from their families.  Cult leaders are extremely clever people, taking everything from everybody and giving nothing of themselves in return.

Who are the cult leaders, what are the types?

Let’s begin with a failed artist from Austria and WWI (World War I) veteran. He wanted to become a painter, but instead moved to Munich and joined the German Socialist Party and became a Nazi.  His name would later become synonymous with the Holocaust, yes, it was Adolf Hitler.  His fiery speeches would later come to inspire Germany and take millions into WW2 (World War Two).  By the war’s end, Hitler took his own life, but not before sending eleven-million (dissidents, Jews, Roma, Jehovah’s Witnesses and homosexuals) to perish inside his infamous-death camps!  Everybody has always questioned, ‘How could Hitler pulled this off inside a cultured society, one of great musicians and which gave the world the best intellectual minds of the Twentieth century?’ The answer is simple, Hitler used charisma, charm and hypnotism on his followers.  Sadly, the Fuhrer took many more millions to their deaths, the followers and destroyed a country for generations to come.

Clementine Barnabet was the first-African American serial killer.  In the 1912, by the time she was 18-years old, she had already murdered 17 people in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Ms. Barnabet was the High Priestess for the ‘Church of Sacrifice’ and like most cults, she took her so called orders from God.  The importance of this church was to murder people to receive power and economical gain from their Higher Power. She, her brother and church followers murdered 35 people–who they axed to death. Of the seven families killed, two were people who refused to follow her directives. Clementine was incarcerated for 11 years, but escaped in 1923 and after that her whereabouts were unknown. ‘Poof, just vanished into thin air’ for 62 years!  Till she resurfaced in 1985, when she was about to die at the age of 101.  That was the time when she told her story to her granddaughter. Shortly after her death, a photo was found of her young self, that being Clementine Barnabet.

Charles Manson was a master-manipulator, petty criminal who spent most of his adult life in prison.  A loser with actual-musical talents.  He was offered a record contract before he permanently went to prison in 1969. Before that, he had a group, a cult-following of over 100 people he called, ‘The Family’.  He was a self-proclaimed messiah who told his people there would be a nuclear holocaust and race war.  He believed in the concept or at least that was what he told his followers through lies when he preached about ‘Helter-Skelter’ (meaning – haste, confusion and disorder).  Manson never did commit murder, but he certainly convinced Charles ‘Tex’ Watson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Linda Kasabian to do so on his behalf. Three members of ‘The Family’ went across Hollywood on a two-day murder spree, killing seven people.  Linda Kasabian was too horrified to participate in any of the murders; she would later become a star witness for the State of California.  The murders included the up and coming actress, Sharon Tate who was pregnant at the time.  When Tate was killed, her murderers wrote with her blood the word ‘pig’ on the front door of the house.  The horror in all this, the Mason family cut down lives in their prime.  It wasn’t only the victims, but the young people who committed the murders.

Jim Jones was the founder of the People’s Temple.  Another self-proclaimed Messiah who felt persecuted by the world.  Jones led 900 of his followers to Jamestown, Guyana in 1974.  When he sequestered them, worried family members contacted the U.S government for assistance.  A Congressman from California, Leo J. Ryan went down there with a delegation to offer the members who wanted to leave the ‘Temple’ safe passage back the United States.  Representative Ryan and four other members were murdered in 1978 on the Jamestown airstrip.  From this point, feeling cornered, Jones delivered a sermon to his followers on the end of days.  He made his parishioners drink Kool-Aid laced with Valium and cyanide.  Those who wouldn’t, he’d gun down!  In the end, Jones shot himself, but not before taking the lives of the majority of his churchgoers.

David Koresh was a member of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.  The issues with Koresh, other than sexual abuse, polygamy, affairs and pedophilia–were his notions of grandeur.  Typical of all fanatics and those who have a Messiah like complex.  Believing he had cracked the Bible’s ‘Seven Seals’, he also believed in the coming end of the world through an apocalyptic-armed confrontation.  Therefore, he with his Davidians began stockpiling weapons.  When Koresh did this, he caught the attention of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) for sexual abuse allegations and the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms) for the large amount of weapons he was procuring.  Things got real bad after a 51-day standoff between the Davidians and Federal Agents.  Culminating on the 28 February, 1993. When Federal Agents stormed the compound with tanks and teargas.  It is said, that it was the teargas canisters which started the fire (not proven). Other theories state that it was Koresh himself who started the fire.  During the four-hour long gun-battle, 76-people lost their lives and Koresh ended committing suicide.

Shoko Asahara (real name, Chizuo Matsumoto) in the 1980s founded a group called, Aum Shinrikyo (‘Supreme Truth’).  Impressive for a person legally blind since childhood.  He established this belief system based on: Buddhism, Hindu, Christian values and the antiquated perceptions/notions of Nostradamus.  In the 1990s, Asahara and several of his members ran for parliament; however, they lost.  The problem with Asahara [as with most cult leaders] was his attitude of grandiosity and arrogance.  Other issues were, believed he could levitate and read minds.  By 1995, he had amassed 40,000 members in Japan and abroad.  What he did afterward would send him into infamy.  He ordered his cult followers to release in the Kasumigaseki Station on March 20th, sarin-nerve gas.  This poison killed 13 people and made thousands ill.  Asahara was later caught on the outskirts of Mount Fuji and found guilty.  He was executed 23 years later in 2018.

Joseph Di Mambro founded the Order of the Solar Temple.  A belief system based on astrology, Christianity and new age philosophy fused together. What transpired afterward was a murderous and suicidal rampage through the 1990s.  Luc Jouret (a homeopathic doctor) joined in the 1980s and would become a principal figure in this cult.  As with all cults, these two preached about a doomsday scenario and convinced their followers to murder and commit suicide upon order.  In October 1994, Di Mambro and Jouret ordered the cult members to take their lives.  Fifty-one members either killed themselves along with Di Mambro and Jouret, and those who wouldn’t, were murdered; which tragically were the majority!  This occurred in Switzerland and Quebec.  Less than a year later, 16 more members were either killed or took their lives in France.  In 1997, five members committed suicide in Quebec.  This is what these two-cult leaders left behind in their path of destruction: murder, suicide and destroyed families grieving for their loved ones.

If there is a word for evil, Valentina de Andrade’s name resonates as one of the worst in history.  Leader of the cult, Superior Universal Alignment in Brazil.  A cult which doesn’t believe in God and that Jesus wasn’t a messiah, but an alien entity.  Andrade’s preaching is about alien messages she receives on the topic of universal love.  A person who was accused in ordering the murders of 19 children (ages between six and 14) by castration and mutilation of their bodies; because she considered them evil entities and believed that all children born after 1981 should be eliminated from the world.  Through manipulation and skillful alibis, she was able to get away with it.  Actually, Valentina is still alive and well, after she fled to Argentina; since most of her dirty work was done by others (typical of all cult leaders).

Three organizations who really give/gave Islam and Muslims a bad name: the Taliban (‘Students’, founded by Mullah Mohammed Omar in 2001 – Present), al-Qaeda (‘the Base’, founders were Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri in 1988 – Present) and ISIS (Iraq State in Iraq and Levant, 2013 – 2017, founded by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi). Established in Islamic fundamentalism and fanaticism, these three groups are/were responsible for the deaths of over 64,000 people throughout the entire world. Considered in every way a cult for their bad treatment of minorities-specially women, blind-ignorant fanaticism, reinventing Islam for their degenerate purposes, killing the innocent and fellow Muslims without any remorse.  Using their cultist views, they gave terrorism a new name in medieval-style cruelty.  The leadership of these groups are well ‘educated’ and expect blind loyalty without any questions asked.  The above organizations believe in the force implement of Sharia Law worldwide. The leaders didn’t/don’t only brainwash their followers.  They enslave them to do barbarous acts on each other, torture their hostages, kill indiscriminately women and children.  Not only have they set the bar low on immorality, these organizers do: rape, pillage, sodomize, pedophilia, sell people into slavery and wed-off child brides. When they are not doing that, they are peddling and selling opium to support worldwide terrorism.  They do 10 times worse than a drug-dealer back in Western society.  Therefore, they go against every belief and fiber which is Islam, and for those who are true believers in the Muslim faith.  Let’s hope for the eradication of these terrorist bandits as soon as possible.  Because they are subhuman, scum, nothing more and nothing less.

Following all these similarities.  Those who follow cults can expect the same outcome.  These organizations topple after a couple of years: due to their overwhelming cruelty on others, negativity, their lack of vision, ignorance and bad logic.  People who view these sects from the outside can’t even understand what makes those on the inside become so fanatical to follow a leader to their deaths or who abuses them.  Teaching all a great lesson, how these cultists and their flocks end: killing the innocent and starting wars. Leaders and followers end-up in prison, committing suicide, murdered or executed.  Not the best way to go nor the best end.

About the author

Daniel Otero

A New Yorker who has been living in China for the past 10 years. He's a freelance writer/journalist and ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher.

A former member of the military with extensive travel to 50 countries and has lived in six.

Lover of life, good food, travel, writing and dealing with social issues.