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Transportation from Hui-dong Country into Shenzhen & HK (Chinese/English article)

Written by Daniel Otero





Translated by: Luna Lin




举个例子,坐车去香港 并没有听上去那么简单。








1)你在银滩学校,对吧?你可以乘坐一辆Y1开头的楼巴。一般情况下每10分钟一班(如果你幸运的话),有时在周末,公共汽车要花20分钟才能离开。所以给自己足够的时间,耐心微笑  ,不要气馁。











Transportation to Shenzhen made easy


By: Daniel Otero


Hey, I have to admit, I’m not the ‘brightest light-bulb’ in the room when it comes to technology and travel.  Time has slowed me down on these two and I have to say, I’m a person that still loves to learn something new.


Take for example, like going to Hong Kong, easy-peasy, nice and easy, right? Wrong!  You see, I originally had moved to Hui-dong County from Guangzhou.


I had exited multiple times through Futian (Shenzhen), which by the way, is my favorite exit!  But when it came to Luo Hu, I disliked intensely going through this border.  I thought of the exit as grungy, old and messy.  Not to my taste… Located in a commercial district, and of all things, the exit is inside a messy mall of stores and bus stations.


However, alas, I had moved here and if I wanted to enjoy the pleasures of HK, I had to adapt to my new surroundings.


Therefore, if you’re like me; which I hope not and have a little more common sense as a traveller, you’ll be able to figure it out sooner than later.


For those who are like me, here’s the break down on how to get there.



  • You’re in Silver Beach School, right?  You can take one of the blue or white buses. These transports are identified in the front by the Y-1.  A bus will leave every 10 minutes (if you’re lucky), and sometimes on the weekends the bus takes over 20 minutes to depart.  So, give yourself enough time, patience, smile and don’t be discouraged.  You can’t get it wrong once you’re in front of the school.


  • Once on the bus, it’ll take approximately 25 minutes.  Take this vehicle to the last stop.  There’s a bus terminal and you’ll soon recognize it because of the distinctive blue, whiteand orange buses which are part of the Country Garden Community.


  • Obviously, you get off the Y-1bus, duh!  If you haven’t figured out this one yet, you have a bigger problem than me.


  • Even if your Chinese is basic, can you say, Shen-zhen?  If you can, it’s as easy as getting a ticket for 40 RMB; however, if you have your school identification (I.D.) and passport, it’s only 10 RMB.Also, you can buy your return ticket from this depot.


  • Buses depart approximately every half-an-hour.  The transport takes around 75 to 90 minutes to reach Shenzhen.


  • Once the bus has reached the city, you get off on the third stop.  The bus does a loop and stops on Heping Road!  When you get off, you walk towards the commercial center.  If you’re not sure, just follow the crowds!


  • By the way, be aware of the ‘scalpers’.  They’re all over the bus station!


  • Follow the signs till you reach the border.  You can’t go wrong once you’re in the building’s commercial center.


  • If you’re returning from HK, you walk back to the original stop.  Walk along this sidewalk and when you’re in front of the ‘Railway Station Hotel’, carefully cross the street.  There’s the bus depot, located behind the building in front of you!  Walk towards your left, then inside the building to the right and rapidly, right again!  You ought be able to see the blue, white and orange buses.  Ask for the one to our community.  If you can’t speak Chinese, then have somebody write it down on a piece of paper before you depart Country Garden.


This is my best description to help you make it safely/easy in and out of Hong Kong.  Enjoy your trip!

About the author

Daniel Otero

A New Yorker who has been living in China for the past 10 years. He's a freelance writer/journalist and ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher.

A former member of the military with extensive travel to 50 countries and has lived in six.

Lover of life, good food, travel, writing and dealing with social issues.