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Natural male enhancement – How to enlarge your penis (Funny!)

Written by Alan Chiu Tsang

Sex expert, Mr. Adam Tsui explains what kind of exercises you can start doing right now in order to make your penis hard, longer, thicker and healthy!



Don’t worry about how often you masturbate. It really doesn’t matter. It’s only a problem if it starts getting in the way of your daily life. If you’re turning down invitations to hang out with your friends just so you can masturbate at home alone or you’re showing up late for work on a regular basis because you had to rub one off before you could leave the house, that would be a concern. Otherwise, just enjoy it.

The size of your flaccid penis is pretty much fixed. Once it stops growing (and it can keep growing until you’re about 20), that’s as big as it’s going to get. Don’t even bother with pills…if those pills really worked, do you think they’d be selling them so cheap? They’d cost $500 per pill if they actually worked.

But there is hope! You can make your erections harder (and your ejaculations more powerful, leading to better orgasms) by performing Kegel Exercises. Kegel exercises are working out the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle. Among other uses, that’s the muscle you use to hold back your pee. If you’re not sure which muscle to flex, the next time you pee try stopping in midstream. That will help you identify the muscle. Then start working it out! What’s great about Kegel exercises is that you can do them when you’re watching TV, driving a car, sitting in class, etc, without anybody knowing you’re doing it. Like any other kind of muscle-building exercise, you need to force yourself past the fatigue point if you want the muscle to get stronger. The more you do it, the longer you’ll be able to keep it up. Try and keep all the other surrounding muscles (your abs, your butt, your sphincter) as relaxed as possible. You want to be flexing only the PC muscle.

If you are looking to achieve a bigger penis the natural way there are some effective penis exercises you can do:

1. Penis stretches – penis enlarging in terms of length come through increased cell tissues within the Main chambers of the penis that fill with blood. Doing daily stretches will stretch out these tissues and promote new growth. The stretches can be performed with just your hands. Stretches should be performed in different directions in order to cover maximum tissue growth.

2. Jelqing exercise – this is one of the most ancient male enhancement exercises that has been used by thousands of men over time. The scientific explanation is similar to the results as stretches get, but also promotes increases in girth or width. This one involves lubricating the entire penis shaft and sliding a firm grip from the base to the head, much like milking a cow.

3. PC Flexes – this penis enlarging exercise is effective in giving you stronger and firmer erections. Due to the nature of this exercise, you can also gain control over ejaculation. By flexing your PC muscle, the muscle that you use to stop urination, you can strengthen this muscle. This means more blood flow to the penis and results and maximum erection size. You can do PC flexes anywhere, anytime.

Pills and ointments don’t provide an effective solution. Pumps are also expensive and potentially painful.

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