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China: Number of Internet Users Rises 10 Percent. The Total Number of Users is Now 564 Million

Despite the amount of censorship related to Internet access in China, the number of citizens using Web services in the country increased last year.

According to the China Internet Network Information Center, the number of Chinese citizens who access the Web increased 10 percent, or 51 million users, a total of 564 million in 2012. Mobile Web access rose 18.1 percent, for a total of 420 million Chinese residents.

China is known for censoring their Web offerings for citizens to avoid the rumors circulating about the government. Chinese citizens can not access pages like Facebook or Twitter to public forums.

Last month, it was reported that China wanted the real names of citizens when registering with internet providers. This means that any Chinese resident would have to show their cards issued by the government of identity when entering into contracts for both fixed line and mobile Internet access.

However, it seems users in China still wants to access the web – and device manufacturers like Apple are taking notice.

Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook made his second trip to China in less than a year to Apple’s extensive business in China, including industry information technology and global mobile communications. Cook made his first trip to China in March 2012, and since then, Apple has increased its number of stores in China from six to 11.

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