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Google Removed more than 51 Million Pirate Links in 2012

The fight against piracy is great, and Google is a accepting requests to remove such links from its search engine. This year there were 51,395,353 requests to remove links that infringe copyright of their search, the site TorrentFreak reported.

Based on Google’s Transparency Report , updated weekly, the site that specializes in news about copyright calculated that the search service has to withdraw now, an average of 500,000 pirate links per day.

The site that had the largest number of removal requests was, which had more than 2.3 million requests. The number seems large, but it represents less than 1% of site pages indexed by Google, compared TorrentFreak.The site The Pirate Bay was the second biggest target of requests for removal of links (554,600) during the year.

Last week, Google received a record number of requests for removal of links: more than 3.5 million URLs. The number, according to TorrentFreak, is 15 times higher than requested in January 2012.

The largest Internet search engine faces constant pressure from Hollywood and the music industry to fight against piracy. Google acts according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), U.S. law governing copyright in the digital environment.

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