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First Android Based Game Console Ouya to be Released in April, 2013

The cutthroat console market has been dominated by Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft for years now. We saw popular consoles fizzle out and die and the big companies make it really difficult for small developers to make games. So what is the answer?

Kickstarter to the rescue! Ouya is a new gaming console that is based on the open-source Android operating system. Its Kickstarter campaign has raised almost $3.5 million dollars in under two days, with almost 25,000 consoles already sold! Its goal is to provide a platform for indie & open development, with games that are free to play or at least free to try, and have the console itself cost less than $100.

All systems can be used as development kits, allowing any Ouya owner and gamer to also be a developer, without the need for licensing fees. All games will be required to have some kind of free-to-play aspect,whether that be completely free, has a free trial, or has purchasable upgrades, levels, or other in-game items.

Can the Ouya compete with the PS3, XBox360, Wii or WiiU? Check out the video for more info!

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