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HK Tycoon Tony Wong Nominated Top 100 Professional Manager in the Mainland

Hong Kong tycoon, Mr. Tony Wong, was nominated top manager during an event held in the mainland. His success? Global vision and discipline.

Mr. Wong was nominated the top business manager and CEO during an investment and strategy event held on November 23, in Beijing.

According to Mr. Wong,

“HK small & midsized enterprises in China often lack of sufficient cash flow. Private investors are willing to invest but they do not want to take care of minor details in daily operations”.

Tony has along the years, advised private investors to deposit their money in one of his trusted list of banks. The bank will then invest that money in a project recommended by him. Tony has proven his strategies are profitable and his customers seem to be satisfied. His works and results have led him to win this prize and he is expecting more in the future.

“Bringing small and midsized companies from HK to the mainland is a big challenge, but it comes fully with new opportunities”, says Mr. Wong.

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