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Why Doesn’t Hong Kong Have Postal Codes?

Hong Kong has no postal codes and yet nobody seems to have problems with that.

Have you ever thought of an answer to this question? Why doesn’t Hong Kong have postal codes?

If you have ever lived here in Hong Kong, you would know that postal codes are not used here.

But the question remains. Why? Today, I went to the nearest post office from my company and asked them this intriguing question.

Here is what they answered.

“Sir, Hong Kong is such a condensed and small city that we can deliver letters and packages without having to use things such as postal codes”, replied one of the workers who didn’t want to be identified.

Another worker who works next to the first worker was like “In the U.S. they have zip codes because they have to deal with 50 states. Here in HK we only have 1 state. The state is called S.A.R.” (lol)

But another question remains. What to type on the zip code / postal code field when you purchase products on sites like Amazon? In most of the cases, they require you to type something there. So, what to do?

People recommend you type “00000” (five zeros in a row) or “HK”. Most shopping websites will accept these two ‘fixes’.


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