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Things to Do with Your Used iPhone 4S

Just got your new iPhone 5 or a Galaxy S3/Note 2 and need to get rid of your old phone? Here are some hints on what you can do with your old iPhone 4s.

Sell it in Mong Kok

This is probably the easiest and fastest way to get rid of your old phone. The good thing is that you get a better deal than the other choices I will mention below. In Mong Kok, there is a shopping mall called Sin Dah Plaza (先達広場). It is next to Broadway, which is just across the street from exit D2. Sin Dah Plaza is a mall specialized in cell phones and tablets. You will be paid in cash for your old phone and the whole transaction takes a fez minutes.


Sell it on Yahoo Auctions Hong Kong

This is another good method of selling your old phone. I have done it a couple of times, too.

Yahoo Auctions closed doors in the US a few years ago, but it is still active in HK. Actually, it is by no reasonable doubt the most popular auction site here for local transactions. The only difficult part is that you need to be able to read Traditional Chinese since there is no English version on the site.

Since it is an auction site, the transaction will take days or even weeks. You need to put your product there first and that will take you time to take a picture, write a nice description, etc. After someone purchases your product, you will need to meet that person and do the transaction. Usually, people who buy and sell products on auction sites in Hong Kong like to do the transactions face-to-face, so be prepared to spend some extra time on that too.


Sell it back to Apple

A lot of my friends sell their phones back to where they got it from. Apple runs a second-hand product program, where they buy and sell used items. Selling your old phone back to Apple may be a good choice if you don’t have much time to spend.


Keep it as a backup phone

It is always good to have a backup phone in case you lose your new phone, or if your phone gets stolen or broken for some reason. In these past 2 weeks, about five of my friends lost their phones and one friend accidentally dropped his phone into the toilet. In that kind of situation, it is convenient to keep your old iPhone 4/4S, so you don’t lose connectivity with your friends and loved ones.

When you check someone’s Whatsapp status and it says that person last logged a few days ago, there are two possibilities. That person is either traveling abroad or something happened to that person’s phone. International data roaming is still expensive so most people turn off their data plan when they are abroad.



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