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Huawei’s woes in the American market

Written by Daniel Otero

Huawei is just an excuse for the American government to not allow Chinese products to flourish

By: Daniel Otero

There is this perpetual fear whether it’s factual, out of delusional paranoia or let’s place it under the category of conspiracy theories.  From the assassination of Abraham Lincoln to Robert Kennedy.  This goes back in our history for the previous 140 years or so.  Take the new t.v. series, Warrior, a historical-action fiction about the 1876 anti-immigration bill against the Chinese entering San Francisco.  When most Americans just feared Chinese people immigrating into the United States and taking their jobs for cheaper wages.  But in truth, Chinese did the jobs we didn’t want, which is the same case with the majority of hard working Mexicans who come to prosper and for a better life.  Now with China, the new ‘boogeyman’ is technology.  They are absolutely scared [Americans] of it and unnecessarily so!  Take it from an American who used to fear technology itself.

With Huawei’s implementation of the 5G, what would come as a benefit for the United States was quickly rejected and substituted for pure bullying. This technology would make our lives better, but nothing can ever substitute good common sense; unless there is ignorance in the middle and lack of knowledge.  Look at American politics and those directing it, seems more like a circus of clowns and idiots than actual professionals leading the country.

I am not saying Huawei is innocent in the corporate game, as some nationalists pretend to state otherwise back in China.  However, the U.S. as country which bolsters upon this freedom of trade and development in inclusion for all, did a great disservice to itself.  By rejecting Huawei products is a clear violation of what the free markets ought to stand for, since trade and trust does promote peace between the two sides.  Instead what President Donald Trump has been doing in a mad-bipolar back-and-forth dance is calling Chinese to the table and then, imposing greater tariffs. This act is done stupidly so and will affect us in the long term if we don’t open our minds to learn this greater and new system.

This game is making us lose money and making the United States under Trump look ignorant, weak, too backward to progress and stupid.  Not like the visionaries we had after 1945.  This issue didn’t only begin with Trump, but the strain commenced under the Presidency of Barack Obama with China.

Chinese products do have a competitive edge over the U.S. made versions in the market, if not, ask my aunt Gladys how her Huawei phone works in the States.  Better coverage and outperforming than most I have dealt with back in America.

Take my last holiday in the U.S., when I used my MI phone and had better coverage than in some parts of China.  As I was able to use the We-chat service with greater capacity than most local networks.  Performing my business, family and payments from the U.S. to China and visa versa. However, the only negative thing was the fact that I didn’t have any notifications once I was in the U.S.  But it was great service once I was inside a wifi designated area and did all my transactions without having to get a new sim card for international calls, etc.

Service a person can’t beat, now what are we so worried about?  If it’s between governments and nothing to do with us, then let’s allow free trade with Huawei to flourish once again.  What can we lose?  Honestly and sincerely, absolutely nothing, but to learn something excitingly new for a better future!

About the author

Daniel Otero

A New Yorker who has been living in China for the past 10 years. He's a freelance writer/journalist and ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher.

A former member of the military with extensive travel to 50 countries and has lived in six.

Lover of life, good food, travel, writing and dealing with social issues.