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Women of Shanghai

Written by Daniel Otero

Shanghais classy women


By: Daniel Otero



Not trying to knockdown other women from Beijing or the rest of China.


But Shanghainese females surpass most if we’d take a vote in popularity. They have a level of sophistication not commonly seen or shown in other cities or provinces.


Just take the “Hot Mom” actress and ‘Empress’, Sun Li. OMG! What a gorgeous woman! Or the two other starlets from this glamorous city, Joan Chen and Vivian Wu; classic-beauties who worked together in “The Last Emperor”.


Dreaming of my first visits into this mega-metropolis, certain people classically walked and stood out amongst the crowd. Exceptionally more than in other cities, it was the women in this amazing city of 24 million.


Then, why mention its population?


In a city of roughly 11 million women and outlasting the males by five years. Shanghai is a city where the females call the shots! They literally order it, like my mother used to say, “on where, when and how” to deal with locals like outsiders in their prideful and independent mannerisms.


Yes, they have pride in their local culture, but never in a bad way. It wasn’t the Parisian or New York rudeness, I experienced before. Nothing like that: it was sweeter, sexy, hypnotic, almost electrifying!


Viewing the Pearl Oriental Tower reminded me of a beautiful-classy lady. One who is long-legged, in red, attractive and most importantly, has to be well treated!


Furthermore, she’s impeccably dressed for every occasion and please, never ask a Shanghai woman about her fashion sense. She knows better!


One experience was when I intended to speak Putonghua. I was quickly and devilishly shutdown. The ladies smiled-laughed coquettishly and answered me in Shanghai-language. Goodness gracious! Demonstrating their complete control over me in this situation. Smiling to me naughtily, as I struggled and stuttered with the Chinese-language.


Another was when I met one of Rita’s (my spouse) friends from Shanghai, Feng Zhong. She was impulsive, gracious, classy, typical-Shanghai beauty and almost fastidious; but the latter was in a charming way!


As she hosted, she almost ordered, “Eat! Eat!” in English.


In the meantime, with every single bite I had to vocalize how great her jiaozi (dumplings) were. The meal was delicious, indeed!


Zhong finally sat and crossed her legs.


She elegantly grabbed the holder to her cup of coffee with her index and thumb fingers. While extending outwardly her three lovely-elongated fingers. On the other hand, she grabbed the saucer; therefore, not to spill a drop.


Speaking about Shanghai, she stated without any apologies, “Shanghai is Shanghai, and well, the rest is China!” as she cutely waved once she had finished her coffee.


She explained that Shanghainese women will go for their afternoon tea or coffee. It’s part of the Shanghai culture altogether.


I then began to comprehend in awe about the amazing females in this town.


As Rita and I started to leave, Zhong voiced in her exigent English, “Kiss, kiss,” pointing at her cheek!


Rita jealously looked at me. Telling me with her eyes, ‘Behave!’


I quickly gave her a peck.


Yes, Zhong was a liberal, however, she was a lady and never trashy. Always stylish…


This later experience with the women of this city was a memorable one. Because the women of the greater-Shanghai area are eternal-romantics and they love dancing.


Touring through Siping Lu (Road), near metro-line 8, the older generation were doing their daily-square dancing. Something which I loved to do since I was three-years old.


Hey, I stopped and didn’t wait for anybody to invite me. Therefore, I began by tapping the shoulder of this glamorous-elderly women.


Later, I found out she was 80-years old, but in her Shanghai-beauty she could easily pass for a woman of 60. She was more than flattered to be dancing with a man nearly half her age.


I joined her in a dance of waltz.


We spent dancing a magical-five minutes.

In the end, observing Shanghai in 360 degrees. I had to say this about Shanghai women. They can easily moonstruck and conquer you with their looks. They are clever and outgoing. It’s their flirtatious attitude one enjoys, while still being ladies in their behavior.


A lady must be always a lady, as is the city of Shanghai! Attractive, cultured and well experienced in etiquette.


And understanding that, Shanghai gave me these experiences with its women in an abundantly-cultural way.

About the author

Daniel Otero

A New Yorker who has been living in China for the past nine years. He's a freelance writer and ESL teacher.

Former member of the military with extensive travel and living experiences throughout different countries.

Lover of life, good food, travel, writing and dealing with social issues.