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Question: Would You Take This HK$1.00 Trade? Robson Hayashida

Here is a question that we presented this afternoon. Would you take this trade? We showed my friend an HK$5.00 coin. We flip the coin and if the face flipped is the head of the coin, he gets HK$1.00. If the face flipped turns out to be the tail, he needs to pay HK$1.00. Will he take this trade? Watch it on YouTube!

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Robson Hayashida

Robson Hayashida has over two decades of experience in the computer industry in product development, support, training, and e-marketing. Mr. Hayashida has been working on writing ColdFusion Web Application series, as well as multiple books on SQL, Regular Expressions, Java Server Pages, WAP, Windows development, and has recently being involved in multiple Meteor / MongoDB and Node.JS projects and more.