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Magario Featured at FCClub’s Christmas Event at Hyde

Magario’s CEO, Robson Hayashida, delivers a gift for a lucky draw winner (Rachel) at the event.

One of the most popular networking organisations among expats in Hong Kong, the FCClub held last Wednesday (December 19) its annual Christmas party, organised by Wendy Wong.

About 60 attendants from various nationalities participated in the event, which took place this year at club Hyde in Central, HK.

Located on the second floor of Lyndhurst Tower, HYDE features over six thousand square feet of floor space. The interiors are a mix of metal, concrete, glass and marble exuding a sophisticated and mysterious ambience. Two wall sized LED screens project amazing quality video and a crisp European Nexo audio sound system pulsates with energy – together these state of the art features provide the ultimate clubbing experience.

The FCClub promotes events not only in Hong Kong but also in Shanghai and other parts of China.

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